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Questo è il post in cui raccontiamo perché abbiamo voluto dare vita a questa impresa imprenditoriale, a questa start up che ha sì l'obiettivo di essere sostenibile economicamente ma anche quello di contribuire nel suo piccolo a rendere più sostenibile l'economia nei confronti del mondo che ci circonda.

Lo sapevate che l'industria dell'abbigliamento è la seconda industria più inquinante al mondo?

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The increase in the amount of clothing we now purchase has far-reaching consequences for the environment. And according to recent statistics, we now buy 40% of all our clothes at value retailers, with just 17% of our clothing budget, the advent of so-called fast fashion resulting in more garments being shipped and flown from east Asia than ever before.https://www.carmenbusquets.com/journal/post/sustainable-fashion 



Instead, it should spur us to further action.

  1. Consume less new, conventional fashion.
  2. Buy secondhand whenever you can.
  3. When you have to buy new, buy it from a more sustainable label that uses organic, natural, or recycled fibers and manufactures in a country that uses more renewable energy in energy efficient factories, such as Europe, some Latin American countries, North America or, increasingly, China.
  4. Support political action to limit global carbon emissions from every source.



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mar 17, 2021

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