Gym Sack Monstera and Fish

€39.00 €39.00

SEAY Gym Sack Monstera and Fish in 100% recycled polyester.
Light and resistant with front pocket closed with zip that ensures functionality and safety.
Being super light it can be folded in a minimal space but, thanks to the strength of the nylon, this gym sack is a champion of capacity and resistance.
Reinforced eyelets.
It guarantees an UV screen protection equal to a 40+ UPF.
SEAY logo applied on the pocket in contrasting color made of 100% recycled ripstop nylon.
100% Recyclable • Made in Italy

SEAY gym sacks are made of 100% recycled polyester regenerated from post consumer waste and plastic debris recovered from the seabed.

In fact, we use a SEAQUAL® polyester. recycled 100 global recycled standard logoSEAQUAL® is a program to challenge plastic pollution and clean the oceans from marine litter. Its collaborative model involves NGO's, fishermen, researchers, scientists, authorities and private stakeholders.
SEAQUAL® revalues post-consumer waste lost in the environment promoting and supporting cleaning initiatives, engaging industries and consumers.
This polyester fabric is one of the most certified and earth friendly fibre in the world.
This high quality recycled polyester yarn made from recyced materials, including post consumer plastic bottles and plastic captured from the sea, contributes to preserve natural resources and helps to reduce the litter present on the marine environment.

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