Checked Cotton Flannel Shirt
SEAY x Etesia


• Yarn-dyed flannel
• French collar
• Comfort Fit
• Label SEAY x ETESIA applied on the bottom of the cannon
• Produced with fabric scraps saved from waste
• 100% Cotton, Made in Italy

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Surfing is a form of culture, a way of life. It is known that every surfer dreams of the perfect wave but then he discover that the real magic wave is the one that he has within. Discussing of maximum systems with ETESIA's friends, we decided to join forces to create a comfortable fit shirt, made of warm 100% cotton flannel with a classic but contemporary pattern able to bring surfing culture into everyday life.

Produced with an high quality Made in Italy fabric of the highest quality, recovered from fabric scraps destined to landfill, Checked Cotton Flannel Shirt is able to keep you warm in the harsh winter days, protecting you from the wind and humidity, making you feel like a pro surfer even hundreds kilometers from the nearest beach.

We have tested our Checked Cotton Flannel Shirt SEAYxETESIA, asking Davide Giannone of the Etesia team to wear it while searching for the best surf spot in Tuscany, demonstrating that you can mistreat it as much as you want thanks to its very high quality, it will remain perfect for many years. The good news? Being made of 100% cotton, when you’ll decide to replace it, it can be 100% recycled.